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Pampanga's Best Success Story

pampanga's best

Pampanga's Best, claimed by Angelo and Lolita Hizon, has been a famous brand in the territory as well as everywhere throughout the nation. Their items have an unmistakable taste that is unadulterated Kapampangan and helped sling Pampanga in the matter of meat-handling. 

This multi-million organization all began with Mrs. Hizon's drive to help a meat seller that happens to be her neighbor. This neighbor had some unsold pork that she didn't need spoilt, so she asked Mrs Hizon to help her cook them. The formula that Mrs Hizon composed ended up being the mark Pampanga's Best TOCINO that we as a whole came to adore. 

pampanga's best

The Kapampangan Tocino is unmistakably sweet and salty in the meantime. Since that decisive day of Mrs. Hizon's and her neighbor, the tocino turned into a morning meal staple of Filipinos and a most loved needing for a few. 

Through time, Pampanga's Best adjusted to change and added items to their menu. From Chicken Nuggets, Hotdogs, Ham, Bacon, Embotido and their very own variant of the staple Longaniza, this establishment keeps on being a piece of the commonplace Kapampangan food. 

The nature of the items is certain. For a long time and that's just the beginning, Pampanga's Best manufactured a faithful after and consumer loyalty begrudged by adversary merchandise. The organization proceed to develop and their principles reliably unrivaled. 

"Continuously's the best from Pampanga's Best", the Hizon family are predictable in living to their organization saying and gives administration to Filipino gourmands all over the place.

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