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Sarangani's MunaTo Festival

munato festival

One of the most one of a kind characteristics of Sarangani must be the way that it is perhaps the most youthful area in the nation, yet simultaneously, one of the most established. 


Most youthful in light of the fact that it is only 26 years of age, which made as an autonomous region in 1992 from South Cotabato's waterfront districts. 


Reproduction of the Caves of the Anthropomorphic Man at the Maitum Museum 

Most seasoned on the grounds that it is host to the over multi year-old human man and internment containers uncovered in the remote Pinol and Ayub Caves in Maitum town. Presently in plain view at the National Museum, it is portrayed as an "uncommon archeological collection and unrivaled in Southeast Asia". 


This Old World appeal became the overwhelming focus yet again as the area as of late denoted its 26th establishing day and the sixteenth MunaTo Festival to commend its rich social legacy and assorted variety. 

Themed "Kulay Munato", the party is gotten from the indigenous Blaan state Muna Toh or "first individuals" which exhibited the way of life, nature, and experience traits of the Sarangani, which fill in as its vacationer come-ons. 

As per Sarangani senator Steve Chiongbian Solon, the current year's celebration is uncommon with the ongoing conferment of the Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan (National Living Treasure) by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts to Blaan igem (tangle) weaver Bai Estelita Bantilan. 

He said the Gamaba grant will help the area's social fortunes and the vacation destinations of Malapatan, Bantilan's main residence, which is additionally noted for the exquisite Maguindanaon handwoven inaul fiber which has been shown in worldwide style appears. 

Adding shading to the festival is its honor as the fifth Most Competitive Province in the current year's Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) which positions neighborhood governments on the system of profitability. 

Senate Committee on Tourism executive Nancy Binay, was visitor of respect and talked on the congressional authoritative endeavors to save and advance the legacy of the indigenous people groups. 

She noticed that the celebration is a grandstand of the amicability and decent variety of the lumad clans, Moro people groups and Christian pilgrims who have the area their home. 

The feature of the four-day fest is the Municipal Village show which put to the fore the neighborhood items, food, vacation spots and social legacy of Sarangani's seven regions. 

Another headliner is the Craft Conference and Exhibition which showed the mind boggling hand-weaving custom of the Blaan, Tagakaolo, Tboli lumad clans, and the Maguindanaon, Maranao and Taosug Moro people group. 

Getting extraordinary consideration was showings on the weaving of the lovely Mabal Tabih abaca texture of the Blaan clan, viewed as the area's crown gem of social assets. 

Periphery occasions incorporated the Sbuno, the customary innate wrestling game in southern Mindanao, games, indigenous people groups' day, melodic shows, and the Pearl of Sarangani which picked the area's ambassadresses of altruism and the travel industry.

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