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Fresh Tuna, Salmon and Uni Sashimi For Delivery

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi Platter

Are you crazy about sashimi? Then you probably know that ordering sashimi at Japanese restaurants can be a hit or miss. Serving is usually on the small side, or worse, they might not be that fresh. The same goes with uni, or sea urchin, which is not only hard to find, but also exorbitantly expensive for such small amounts. Well, we've found a place you can affordably satisfy your sashimi craving. 

JAAM Seafood Trading is a stall at Farmers Market Cubao where you can buy fresh, high-quality seafood. When you buy your sashimi here, not only do you get it at a price much more affordable than at a restaurant, but you also get access to unmistakably fresher fare.

Here are the different sashimi options you can get:

Uni Sashimi (P550/500 grams)

JAAM Seafood Trading sashimi

Harvesting uni or sea urchins is no joke. Their long, toxic spindles need to be expertly cut off before you can get to that creamy yellow richness. But the effort sure is worth it, with its delicate texture and briny goodness. Finding this at Japanese restaurants is hard enough, and when you do, it can cost a pretty penny. The uni also comes in convenient packaging, so you can store it in the freezer and enjoy it for days to come.

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi Platter (P280/250 grams)

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi Platter

You can get fresh salmon and bright-red tuna sliced upon order and packaged with ice so they're as fresh as they can get. The price of a 250-gram tray that's good for two already costs the same as a typically small serving at your typical restaurant.

Do you prefer salmon or maybe just tuna? You can get a platter of justsalmon (P320) or clean-tasting lean tuna (P300). You can also buy a tube of wasabi (P100) to go with your order. Each order already comes with chopsticks and an ample amount of Japanese soy sauce.

Tanigue, Lobster, and More

You can also go for local fish that's commonly used in kinilawtanigue (P630/kilo). They also have lobster (P2,800/kilo), different parts of tuna and salmon, and different sizes of shrimp, seaweed, oysters, and crabs. 

Drop by their stall at Farmers Market Cubao and they'll slice up your fish quickly as you order. You can also have sashimi delivered via Grab by messaging them through their Facebook page, then pay through online banking.


Story by Jasper Cruz | www.yummy.ph

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