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Goldilocks' Premium Cakes Get a Makeover

goldilocks premium cake

Is there anything that screams “celebration” more succinctly than cake does? Well, okay, there are a few contenders, but cake is pretty much the go-to, and with good reason. Cake designs have changed over the years, too, from elaborate fondant sculptures to naked cakes (yes, that’s the term). But Goldilocks has kept the recognizable look of the classic dessert in their Premium Cakes line.

goldilocks premium cake

You may have come across these cakes at some point, and they’ve certainly gotten an upgrade. You won't be able to say no to a slice of Double Dutch (P490), because what’s not to love about two layers of chocolate chiffon held together by chocolate buttercream? Yeah, we’ll wait.

goldilocks premium cake

The Tres Leches (P580) feels lighter—but please don’t take that as a sign to guzzle it down any more than you would a normal vanilla chiffon cake. If you love fruits, you can choose from the Choco Mango (P680), a choco fudge cake with mango balls as toppings and drizzled with mango glaze or Strawberry Cream Cake (P580), a three-layer strawberry chiffon cake that comes with whipped strawberry cream cheese.

goldilocks premium cake

Whatever flavor you’re craving—and whatever your reason—you'll most likely find a Goldilocks cake for that.

For more information, visit Goldilocks’ website.

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