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Khao Khai Thai Chicken House: An Authentic Thai Dining Experience

khao khai thai
  • Khao Khai Thai Chicken House 
  • 5772 Ebro Street, Poblacion, Makati City 
  • Open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. (Monday to Wednesday); 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. (Thursday to Friday); and 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Sunday) 

 With Khao Khai Thai Chicken House's beaded window ornaments, befuddled seats, kitschy hanging lights, and tables shrouded in brilliant flower and checkered table materials—also the divider decorations highlighting the previous King of Thailand and Buddhist excessive admiration—it wouldn't be hard to envision that you're in some outdoors eatery in Bangkok. Yet, this restaurant isn't in the Thai capital—it's along one of Poblacion's side boulevards. 

Khao Khai resembles an easygoing streetside diner in Bangkok. Photograph BY IAN SANTOS 


Their signage is difficult to miss—and may even finish up on your Instagram feed. Photograph BY IAN SANTOS 

Cushion thai sweethearts ought to be cautioned: You won't locate your darling hot pan-seared noodles here. All things considered, you won't miss it since this most up to date Thai-themed spot serves different claims to fame that are probably going to progress toward becoming top choices, similar to Bangkok road truck style singed chicken. 

 Khao Khai Thai Chicken House's

It's no big surprise that the singed chicken called Gai Tod (P115/one piece; P190/two pieces; P260/three pieces; P869/entire with three rice and three som hat or Thai green papaya serving of mixed greens) is quick turning into their smash hit—all things considered, the café's name means "chicken rice." The chicken is best eaten when it comes appropriate out of the fryer, yet at the same time figures out how to be splendidly fresh regardless of whether you choose to have it somewhat later. 

Gai Tod

On the off chance that you've been to Bangkok, there's a major probability that you've endless supply of those road trucks that sell Thai seared chicken. "It is really [popular] in Thailand—broiled chicken," says Daniel Mabanta, who possesses Señor Pollo also. This specific sustenance idea was propelled by his various goes toward the Southeast Asian country that he thinks about a nourishment heaven. He went to Bangkok and past, and has gone to the nation's southern area, just as Chiang Mai to truly investigate the nourishment culture that he finds so perplexing. His café features dishes from his movements and his own manifestations. 

khao khai thai

They attempt to remain as near to the genuine article as they can, including the novel surface of the fricasseed chicken that originates from the breading bested with crunchy bits of shallots. They additionally offer jaew, a blend of fish sauce, lime, and stew drops, that they present with the greater part of their dishes. It's their regular sauce—sort of like chimichurri in Latin America. "We don't profess to be very valid, toward the day's end, it's actually how the sustenance tastes," says Mabanta. 

khao khai thai

On the off chance that meals are more your thing, at that point go for Gai Yang (P200/quarter; P350/half; P939/entire with three rice and three som cap), which is Northern Thai Isan grill chicken. There might be no crunch factor here, yet the smoky, succulent meat more than compensates for it. You can do as the Thais do and utilize your fingers when getting a significant piece of sticky rice with each chomp of the chicken plunged in jaew. You can likewise get it with a side of Som Tam (P250), hand-cut papaya serving of mixed greens that adds punch and new flavor to your feast—simply watch out for the bits of superior stew. Or on the other hand go for a milder veggie dish like a Plate of Garlic Green Beans (P115), which has a thick, garlicky sauce sans the warmth. 

khao khai thai

For solo coffee shops, you can decide on Khao Khai's rice bowls. In case you're searching for that profound, hearty curry enhance, you may very well like the Dry Pork Curry (P225). In contrast to your average Thai curry, this adaptation doesn't have the smooth, zest filled sauce be that as it may, with the minced pork cooked in sweet-smelling lemongrass, turmeric, and kaffir lime, it doesn't need the flavor office. This is topped with a Thai-style bright side up egg with fresh edges, both on a bed of feathery jasmine rice. 

khao khai thai

Another rice bowl choice is Moo Hong (P190), braised pork paunch in salt and pepper that is additionally presented with seared egg and scallions over jasmine rice. The pieces of pork may very well help you to remember adobo, and you'll locate its commonplace flavors so soothing that completing the entire bowl would be a simple accomplishment. Before long on the menu will be their interpretation of Burmese pork curry. 

While Khao Khai doesn't serve cushion thai, an option is their unique kitchen creation, Drunken Spaghetti (P350). It's their Central Thai elucidation of a Western top pick—it's spaghetti cooked with garlic, bean stew, basil, and anchovies. A Thai-Italian combination may sound odd, yet you'll appreciate the energizing kinds of this pasta dish, which you can likewise top up with chicken (P55) as well as seared egg (P20). 

Wash everything down with a tall glass of conventional Thai Iced Tea (P70), an invigorating invention produced using tea, milk, and sugar. This sweet beverage doesn't simply chill you off yet in addition tempers the warmth you'll experience from all the hot nourishment. Furthermore, in case you're feeling joyful, you should need to test their form that is spiked with rum.  

Remaining to drink? Pair their brew or mixed drinks with Victory Wings (P290). These fresh chicken wings marinated in fish sauce and herbs would be the ideal backup to a night of drinking. 

With progressively Thai cafés opening in the Metro, Thai nourishment is quick picking up an a dependable balance in the neighborhood sustenance scene, and after a short time, they may finish up as omnipresent as Japanese or Korean sustenance. Indeed, even without the typical cushion thai, Khao Khai Thai Chicken House is a correct advance toward that path.

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