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The Korean Brand " AHC" The Pure Real Eye Cream Will Be Available Soon Here in Philippines


K-Beauty is having its moment here in the Philippines. More and more Korean beauty brands are setting up shop in the country, and while we always appreciate more options and innovations, it's becoming increasingly challenging to stand out. 


Enter AHC—the Korean skincare brand that started as a line carried only by high-end aesthetic clinics, but soon grew when word about their products spread. Their The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face (more on that name in a second), claims to have sold the most out of all Korean eye creams, totaling a 38.5% market share. And now that the brand is coming to the Philippines in September, we finally have a chance to find out what the hype is about. The eye cream will be available at Watsons and Lazada for P980.

But why is this eye cream so popular? The thing is, even if the product's name seems like a mistranslation, it actually isn't. Aside from the anti-aging benefits you'd expect from an eye cream, this formula is designed to also be used all over the face and neck like a moisturizer, so you can enjoy its anti-aging benefits in full. This way, you won't just be preventing wrinkles on your eyes; it will also target your smile lines and neck wrinkles too.

Some of the product's key ingredients include 12 kinds of peptides, ceramide, and sodium hyaluronate—all of which help nourish the eye area to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Its active ingredients were broken down through ultrafine microemulsion to help penetrate deeper and faster into the skin. It's also hypoallergenic, which is always good news if you have sensitive skin.

Our first impressions? The texture of the product is creamy yet significantly less heavy than your average eye cream. The fact that it's in a squeeze tube makes it both convenient and hygienic. When applied, it provides a sheer layer of hydration and subtly refines the texture of the skin like a makeup primer would, which makes it a potentially effective base for foundation. 

So, are you up for trying this eye cream-slash-moisturizer?

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