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Surfer’s of Guiuan Eastern Samar

GUIUAN, EASTERN SAMAR—With huge waves smashing in the Pacific Ocean, a little island at the southern tip of Samar is a surfer's heaven simply holding on to be investigated. 


Calicoan, one of the islands of Guiuan town in Eastern Samar area, has been getting the thumbs-up from surfing aficionados. 


"It's about the waves, it's extremely decent to surf there," says surfer Frank Reed Andil. 


"What makes Calicoan distinctive is its reef break," says Andil, contrasting the island's wave choppiness and those of Samar's other surfing "incredible spots, for example, Hernani, Llorente and Maydolong towns in Eastern Samar. 


Beside its waters, Calicoan is honored with a significant lot of white sand shoreline, precious stone blue waters, tidal ponds and caverns. 


The individuals who want to remain in a territory with white sandy shorelines and more quiet waves can make a beeline for Sulangan town, 4 kilometers from ABCD Beach. 


Amazing sight 

Just before the scaffold prompting the town, a little earth street winds up on an open shoreline with fine white sand and clear waters. The shoreline is generally vacant, yet the sight is stunning—sky and ocean appear to meet in dazzling shades of blue. 


It is an extraordinary spot for swimming as schools of colorful fish are a typical sight, and for viewing the nightfall. 


Be that as it may, Calicoan isn't about the shoreline and the waves. Investigating the caverns can be a fascinating piece of the outing. 


A short ride from ABCD Beach is Linao Cave, which is covered up in a tropical backwoods. As per local people, the cavern was so named in light of its pool of clear and still water. 


Cavern developments 

To achieve the pool, one must go through a little, dull, watery passage, helped by a guide and furnished with an electric lamp and a dry pack. 


Be awed by the stone developments inside the cavern. One can't resist the urge to close one's eyes and be cleared by tranquility. 


"Timing was incredible when we went there on the grounds that the beam of light coming in was thinking about the unmistakable waters," says Elaana Kirsten Balbuena from Cebu. "I delighted in the experience of free making a plunge the pool." 


Surfing season in Calicoan is from April to November. Summer months are ideal for apprentices, and the last months, when the waves are greater, are best for prepared surfers. 


Maria Vanessa Cajigas, an enrollment officer from Tacloban, says she learned in 30 minutes how to remain on the board. Her teacher, she says, "kept a nearby watch on us, particularly when we were in the water, telling us what regions were somewhat profound and what zones were rough." 


Surfing exercises are accessible at ABCD Surf Camp at P500, comprehensive of board rental and teacher. A daylong board rental expenses P600. 


Island life 

Another approach to appreciate the island life is to spend time with local people and tune in to their accounts. 


Lodging are restricted. Over the street from ABCD Beach is ABCD Surf Camp, which has an increasingly Spartan feel. 


Guests can set up loungers or lease cottages useful for four individuals at P500. Restroom is shared. 


The Goat House—a previous asylum for the field creatures before it was changed into a diner—is an extraordinary spot to hang out, meet different surfers and trade stories. 


Around 15 meters away, or only a stroll of a moment or two, is Calicoan Villas, which offers cooled rooms with can and shower. Its eatery has a determination of a greater number of dishes than The Goat House. 


Sulangan has a shoreline resort called La Luna. 


"Costs are commonly moderate and, now and again, debatable," says Reggie Bance, an alumni understudy of geodetic building from Tacloban City. 


"In any case, what I adore most are the fun loving waves," Bance says. "The sentiment of being near nature offers genuine solace and a profound feeling of joy." 



Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly every day from Cebu City to Tacloban City in Leyte, where sightseers can get a van to Guiuan (P150-P170 per individual). In Guiuan's vehicle terminal close to the open market, guests can take the jeepney to Sulangan (P40 per individual) and land at ABCD Beach after a ride of 30 t0 45 minutes.

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