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A Budget Friendly Travel Guide to Hulugan Falls


How would you wake up a lethargic town? With a goliath sprinkle of virus water. 

The region of Luisiana in Laguna has been torpid, scarcely gaining a blip in the travel industry radar. Yet, as increasingly more Manila-based globe-trotters scour the encompassing territories for astounding attractions that are anything but difficult to achieve, it was inevitable for Luisiana to wake from sleep. Also, the powerful Hulugan Falls assumes praise for that. 


  • Understanding Hulugan Falls 
  • What number of Waterfalls Would You Like to See? 
  • Best Time to Visit 
  • Step by step instructions to Get to Hulugan Falls from Manila 
  • By Private Car 
  • By Public Transportation 
  • Where to Stay Near Hulugan Falls 
  • Test Day Tour Itinerary 
  • More Tips for The Poor Traveler 
  • Spending Breakdown 
  • Watch our Latest Video! 
  • Significant Reminders 

Understanding Hulugan Falls 

While Laguna is most notable for supporting the biggest lake in the Philippines, it is likewise home to a few cascades that accentuate the streams that the lake spills into. Hulugan Falls is one of them. 

Hulugan Falls 

Hulugan Falls 

It was generally dark, known for the most part to local people, until informal exchange pushed it to conspicuousness, pulling in a developing number of voyagers. "There was one day in summer when we had around 1200 guests," our tricycle driver stated, despite the fact that we neglected to affirm it with the travel industry authorities. Assuming genuine, that is surprising for a goal that is generally a newcomer in the travel industry scene, something that is obvious in the framework in the zone (or the scarcity in that department). We spotted just two stores in the region and one lot of open bathrooms. (We trust it wouldn't be too popularized, to ever be straightforward.) Yet, in a brief span since it was "found", they had the option to clear the way to a hop off guide a lot nearer toward the cascade. 

It's difficult to envision how one cascade could change the lives of the townsfolk. A street has been cleared, a framework has been set up, and occupations have been made and helped. Be that as it may, when we achieved the finish of the trail and had our first take a gander at Hulugan, we comprehended. It was awesome. 

What number of Waterfalls Would You Like to See? 

Hulugan Falls isn't the main fortune in the woods of San Salvador. There are two others: the littler, two-layered Talay Falls and the appropriately named Hidden Falls. Before heading there, choose what number of cascades you need to visit since it will direct which trail to take and how much arrangement you need. 

hidden falls
Hidden Falls

I need to see Hulugan Falls as it were. The plummet to Hulugan Falls is simple and should take around 30 minutes. It's the move back up that can be very debilitating yet at the same time entirely reasonable. 

talay falls
Talay Falls

I need to see every one of the 3 cascades. Every cascade would take 30 minutes, which makes the whole single direction venture 1.5 hours long. You climb down to the waterway and cross it to see Talay Falls. It gets somewhat less loose from here in light of the fact that the way to the following stop, Hidden Falls, is all the more testing and soak. From the Hidden Falls, you will move down to Hulugan Falls. It can get quite perilous when the trail is sloppy (after the downpour!) and you're not brandishing the correct footwear. 

Best Time to Visit 

The cool-and-dry a very long time of December-February are the best time to visit since you can generally rely on the climate to not demolish your outing. The late spring a very long time of March-May are great as well, if its all the same to you offering the adventure to a major group. Nonetheless, bring ahead of time on the grounds that our guide disclosed to us that when it hasn't drizzled for quite a while, there's a hazard there's next to no water running, which may baffle guests anticipating enormous sprinkles. 

Cascades are at their most dazzling after the downpour so don't expel June-November right now. The key is to visit in the blustery season yet not following the downpour. The water ends up dark colored and dinky, and the trail sloppy and elusive. Give the trail time to dry. Try not to resemble us. We did the 3-cascade trek the day after a storm in August, and I slipped twice, the subsequent time sliding down a couple of meters. Be that as it may, that is on the grounds that I was wearing flip lemon since I'm dumb now and then (or more often than not, lol). Try not to endeavor to walk shoeless in light of the fact that it's much increasingly tricky. (Trust me, I attempted. I attempted.) 

Whatever month you pick, you should recollect two things: 

  1. Visit on a weekday to maintain a strategic distance from the group. Realize that its essential market is the elitists, who work from Monday-Friday. 
  2. Wear climbing shoes in case you're going to visit each of the three cascades. It will make your time there protected, agreeable, and significantly more pleasant. 

All great? Great. 

Step by step instructions to Get to Hulugan Falls from Manila 

  • Situated in Barangay San Salvador in Luisiana, Hulugan Falls is only three hours away, making it a standout amongst the most effectively available falls from the metro. 
  • Open transportation is accessible, however we very suggest bringing a vehicle on the grounds that: 
  • It will make things a lot simpler for you to investigate the territory. You can even make side excursions to different places adjacent without problem. 
  • You have a spot to keep your things. Keep in mind, the spot isn't grown at this point. You won't discover storage spaces or things counters anyplace. (Which is additionally why you shouldn't bring excessively or anything that would overload you in case you're driving.) 
  • Above all, in case you're a gathering of at least 3, you will finish up spending less in light of the fact that you just need to settle the toll expense and gas. 
  • We went to Hulugan utilizing a vehicle that Chevrolet SAIL let us obtain for the end of the week, and we just burned through P940 on toll and gas, split into 4. That is just P235 per individual. 
  • Much obliged, Chevrolet SAIL, for having us secured that stormy end of the week! 
  • Much obliged, Chevrolet SAIL, for having us secured that stormy end of the week! 


  • Take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit in Calamba. 
  • Remain on the national street (expressway), going through a few towns including Los Banos, Sta. Cruz, Bay, and Pagsanjan. 
  • Before you reach Cavinti Town Proper, go ideal to Cavinti-Luisiana Road. 
  • On Cavinti-Luisiana Road, keep an eye out for a San Salvador/Hulugan Falls signage at a corner TO YOUR RIGHT. It's barely noticeable, however simply be watchful for adjoining streets on the grounds that there are very few. You'll discover the Information Desk at the corner. You will be given a visit control. 
  • When you're allocated a visit manage, drive on that (neighboring) street or pursue your guide until you achieve the Captain's House where you will enlist. You can stop in favor of the street before that house. 


  • Advance toward Cubao or Taft, and ride a transport going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Charge: P140. 
  • Ride a jeepney going to Lucena or Lucban and land in San Salvador. It is profoundly conceivable that you will miss the correct stop so ensure you advise the driver to drop you off in San Salvador. Charge: P30. On the off chance that you miss it, land in Luisiana Town Proper and simply take a tricycle to San Salvador. 
  • At the corner, you will discover an Information Desk at a holding up shed. You will be doled out a visit control here. He will at that point take you "sa Bahay ng Kapitan" (Captain's House), where you will enlist and pay the Tourism Fee, which is presently P20. 
  • Regardless of whether you take open or private transportation, the Captain's House will be your bounce off point. From here you will take a tricycle (P10 per individual) to the beginning of the trail. The ride should pause for a moment or two. 

Where to Stay Near Hulugan Falls 

A great many people visit Hulugan on multi day visit and in all actuality, settlement alternatives are restricted. One well known decision for the bold is medium-term outdoors. Expense is P50. You will be appointed a guide will's identity caring for you, yet you have to bring your own tent. 

On the off chance that you need a space to remain, the closest towns with a lot of housing to offer are Lucban (Quezon) and Pagsanjan. 

Different choices incorporate retreats close Caliraya Lake, which are somewhat expensive and are just a decent decision on the off chance that you have your very own ride. In any case, here are their rates: 

Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort. Standard room, P2400 every night. 

Lagos del Sol Resort. Live with dinners, P1490 every night. 

Test Day Tour Itinerary 

Here'a an example day trip schedule, which will enable you to visit each of the three cascades in San Salvador. Don't hesitate to make the important changes in the event that you need to visit only the Hulugan Falls. 

  • 06:00am – ETD Cubao, Quezon City 
  • 09:30am – ETA Luisiana, Laguna 
  • 10:30am – Start trek 
  • 11:00am – Talay Falls 
  • 11:45am – Hidden Falls 
  • 12:30pm – Hulugan Falls (Lunch on the off chance that you bring sustenance) 
  • 02:30pm – Depart Falls 
  • 03:30pm – Freshen up, leave 
  • 08:00pm – ETA Manila 

On the off chance that you need to likewise visit Cavinti Falls (Pagsanjan Falls), check the agenda underneath. I purposefully evacuated the other 2 falls in Luisiana in light of two reasons: time and vitality. You can really press them all in multi day (we did on our subsequent visit) yet we wish we didn't. We should've remained longer at Hulugan. Another reason is vitality. The trek to Cavinti Falls from Pueblo El Salvador Park is extreme, harder than Hulugan. The trail from Pueblo to the falls includes rappelling and VERTICAL trips! In case you're an unpracticed climber (like us), it will be sooooooooo debilitating to do each of the four cascades. 

  • 06:00am – ETD Cubao, Quezon City 
  • 09:00am – ETA Luisiana, Laguna 
  • 09:30am – Start trek 
  • 10:15am – Hulugan Falls (Lunch in the event that you bring nourishment) 
  • 12:00pm – Depart Falls 
  • 12:45pm – Leave for Cavinti Falls 
  • 01:15pm – Pueblo El Salvador, begin trek to Cavinti Falls 
  • 02:30pm – Cavinti Falls Rafting/Swimming 
  • 03:30pm – Start trek back to Pueblo El Salvador 
  • 04:30pm – Shower 
  • 05:00pm – ETD Cavinti 
  • 08:30pm – ETA Manila 

The last transport to Manila leaves Sta. Cruz at 9pm. Go make progressively side outings or eat in the event that you need, however ensure you're at the terminal before 9pm.

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