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Cebu Pacific Announces Super Seat Fest

Super Seat Fest

 We may be more than a month away from Christmas, but the perfect present already awaits: a two-week promo with the best travel deals. Cebu Pacific kicks off the yuletide season with the last wave of its Super Seat Fest—for 2019, at least—beginning at 12 a.m. on November 1. This lasts until November 12, or while seats (and your travel funds) are available.

Super Seat Fest

During the 12 days of Christmas—er, we mean, of the Super Seat Fest, you can score fares to over 60 local and international destinations, a 70% discount on hotels that are partnered with the airline's CEB Getaway feature, 20% off on CEB WiFi kits, and buy-one-get-one tickets on flights. The "All-out Seat Sale," where the best deals are up for grabs, runs only until November 3.

Details have yet to be announced, but better set your alarm clocks (or jack up on coffee) because it's definitely going to be a long night.

For more information, follow Cebu Pacific on Facebook.

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