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Milk Tea Craze! How the Obsession Start?


Have you joined the milk tea fleeting trend? You're not the only one. 

It's 2019, 11 years after the well known milk tea touched base on our shores, and love for milk tea is at an unequaled high. The sheer number of milk tea fans continue developing as milk coffee bars keep springing up with their broad menus that guarantee that anybody can locate their careful, flawless cup. These days, it's not astonishing to see somebody you realize drinking milk tea atleast once per week, arranging for quite a long time, or having it conveyed to their doorstep. 


Before The Milk Tea Craze 

Despite the fact that we don't have an incredibly rich history with tea like in China, Filipinos have dependably had a desire for tea. Nestea Iced Tea and Lipton Iced Tea are family unit and café staples, C2 went amazingly enormous some time ago, and the vast majority of us mix our own salabat or ginger tea. Indeed, milk tea has dependably been there even before the fever. Chow King has dependably been selling Nai Cha, conventional Hong Kong milk tea made with dark tea and vanished milk sans pearls. So what precisely caused the abrupt spike in popularity? 

2008 - Serenitea Brings The Milk Tea Trend To Our Shores 


It was December 9, 2008, when Serenitea opened its first branch in San Juan, Manila. On the off chance that you have to censure somebody for your milk tea fixation, it must be Serenitea originators Juliet D. Herrera-Chen and Peter L. Chen. Diminish, who invested some energy in Taiwan, where milk tea was at that point inclining full-swing, believed that us Filipinos were going to need to partake in it, as well. He was correct. 

2009 - Milk Tea Invades University Areas 

By 2009, Serenitea's shops had just been progressing nicely and different business people before long got on. Cheerful Fanshu, in 2009, opened close Far Eastern University, bringing milk tea to droves of understudies. This was just the start. Milk coffee bars at that point started to populate close Ateneo, La Salle, and UP with their idiosyncratic milk tea plays on words: Teaology, Infinitea, Q-Tea, and the sky is the limit from there. This was the genuine beginning of the blast. 

Milk cafés started to rival bistros. Milk coffee bars, all things considered, conveyed a comparable feel, an easygoing space that enabled guests to remain for extensive stretches of time-ideal for the understudy with a paper to complete or companions to spend time with. The gigantic number of understudies getting in on the pattern, purchasing milk tea as both a stimulated lift me-up and a sweet treat, permitted these milk coffee bars to flourish. What's more, milk tea had the edge of being "novel" and furthermore being marked as a "more advantageous" drink. 

2010-Chris Tiu's First Happy Lemon Franchise 


Milk tea was having some fantastic luck. It achieved new statures when Chris Tiu, who was then the UAAP b-ball player who proclaimed Ateneo's 5-peat series of wins, purchased an establishment of Happy Lemon straight from Taiwan. Individuals went insane for Happy Lemon's cream cheddar and they shaped stunning long queues. 

With the milk tea pattern well into the standard, everybody started to have their top choices. At the point when SPOT.ph discharged its first Top 10 Milk Tea Spots In The City, it implied that the market had achieved a major enough number of milk bistros to really rank the players. In truth, the vast majority of this almost decade-old rundown have shut down since. 

2011 - Taiwanese Milk Tea Giants Enter The PH Market 


It appeared that Chris Tiu, with his Happy Lemon Franchise, had start the trend. With milk tea rivalries running high, milk tea establishments from the mothership of milk tea, Taiwan, entered our market. Gong Cha and Chatime entered the market, however they before long climbed the rundowns, empowering other milk coffeehouses to keep up. 

Taiwanese milk cafés weren't simply assuming control over our nation as of now, however they were additionally moving into the remainder of the world. Beside needing to tap a greater market, there was another vile explanation behind the worldwide milk tea pattern. In that equivalent year, the milk tea pattern endured a difficulty in Taiwan as corrupted added substances were found. Developing on new soil, milk tea kept on flourishing. 

2013 - Milk Tea Reaches Its Peak 


By 2013 the milk tea pattern achieves its first pinnacle. Everybody was drinking milk tea and the quantity of milk coffeehouses was starting to balance out. In SPOT.ph's Top 10 List in 2013, you'll perceive the vast majority of the shops as commonly recognized names: Serenitea positioning at #9, Happy Lemon positioning at #8, Tokyo Bubble Tea at #5, Chatime at #4, Dakasi at #2, and Gong Cha at #1. 

The inconvenience however additionally started in 2013. Similarly as the milk tea pattern had achieved its high level, the plunge was unavoidably coming. In that year, a part of Dakasi in Iloilo served milk tea polluted with E. Coli and Salmonella making 50 clients become sick, one of them passed on. 


Milk tea, when it detonated into our shores, was marked as a more beneficial substitute for espresso. Be that as it may, in 2016, an examination was held to look at exactly how much sugar milk tea consumers were getting. They were getting A LOT. In their examination, they found that Asian Americans in Southeast Asian people group (which incorporates the Filipino people group) were inclined to gorging on milk tea as well as inclined to diabetes. 

In any case, locally, it didn't appear that individuals thought about milk tea as a wellbeing drink. 

With the progression of time, new milk tea items and the landing of new milk coffee bars straight from Taiwan implied a certain something: the milk tea pattern was formally back. 


Milk coffee bars Macao Imperial, Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea, prevalent milk tea names in Taiwan, all opened up shop locally in 2017. Thai brand Cha Tuk Chak came in with their particularly enhanced Thai milk tea. The joined showcasing endeavors of these new players caught the nostalgic elitist and the millennial market. The age of undergrads who spent a lump of their stipends on milk tea presently had occupations and cash to spend, spend, spend. 

2017 - Milk Tea Innovations Are Back With a Vengeance 

The milk tea furor outperformed slows down individuals needed to have it at home, as well. It turned out to be significantly progressively available as Nestea and Lipton discharged sachets of milk tea powder. It's a milk tea fix that was overly moderate. Not long after, Taro Milk Tea came blasting in as Nestea additionally discharged an uncanny sweet beverage. 

2018-Milk Tea Rising At Unprecedented Rates 

With a sound, focused market for milk tea, more developments and viral patterns came up in 2018. 

From Macao Imperial's charming Kitten Milk Tea to Ho Cha's Galaxy Milk Teas coming in varieties of ombrés and inclinations, milk tea was something beyond for your sense of taste; it was additionally for your eyes. Customers were draining their cash's value with cash shots for their Instagram. Milk tea was in excess of a hankering, it was, similar to a Starbucks espresso mug, a grown-up toy, something you'd accomplish for the 'gram. 

A year ago, individuals went insane for CoCo Fresh Tea. It earned so much promotion that you needed to go through 30 minutes to an hour arranging. They weren't simply benefiting from milk tea, they were additionally building up the freshness of their tea, yet in addition, they were likewise selling white pearl (sago). 

2017 - Milk Tea Innovations Are Back With a Vengeance 

Serenitea discharged a dark colored sugar milk tea arrangement that locked on the Filipino's affection for Taho while additionally banding together with Holly's Milk. The pattern turned into a web sensation and it was sold out the main day. Serenitea may have begun it, however the dark colored sugar milk tea pattern was just barely starting. Tiger Sugar, a Taiwanese milk tea establishment known for the dark colored sugar syrup stripes on the cup, opened up shop in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

A curious milk pattern likewise occurred that wasn't centered around flavor or feel, yet sheer mass. Milk tea avarices was a genuine pattern. Serenitea started the pattern in 2016. They occasionally discharge their 1-liter gigantic cups each December which agree with Christmas and their commemoration. By 2018, different brands had gotten and sold in mass. Strikingly, Kowloon started selling 1-liter milk tea for under P100 and Gallontea, you got it, sells milk tea by the gallon. 

On the off chance that you can't beat them, go along with them. Starbucks at last united the temporary fad with its own milk tea arrangement with milk tea Frappuccinos. On the off chance that you need genuine milk tea in Starbucks without espresso, however, you should need to do this hack. 

This 2019, milk coffee bars have promoted in the earnestness of our desires by putting their beverages on wheels. You would now be able to request milk tea from GrabFood, Honestbee, and FoodPanda. 


As of now, there's an image going around about how a lot of cash we've been putting into milk tea. The aggregated costs, we should concede achieves a stunning sum before a year's over. 

The milk tea pattern has come so far, however it's still here, and we believe, it's digging in for the long haul. We don't simply love milk tea, we're dependent. Today, we don't think milk tea can in any case be delegated a "pattern." Rather, milk tea has turned into a staple.

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